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Large and Associates investigating new case…Holston Manor, Kingsport, TN

FEBRUARY 2014. Large and Associates recently filed a lawsuit against Holston Manor, a nursing home in Kingsport, Tennessee. Large and Associates is representing the family of a victim of a loved one who due to weakness was at a high risk for falls. She had fallen several times at this nursing home. Due to this fall risk, the residents doctor requested that Holston Manor install whats known as a wedge cushion in the resident’s wheel chair to help keep the resident from sliding out. Based upon our review of the nursing home chart as well as our interviews with nursing assistants who cared for this resident, the wedge cushion was never installed and weeks later the resident slid out of the wheelchair and broke her hip. This hip break in turn led to a premature death according to a physician who reviewed the medical evidence. [email protected]
We will continue to keep the community posted as to how this case proceeds through litigation and the interview of more witnesses.

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Michael Large is an attorney with offices in Bristol, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. Michael has been practicing law for twenty five years and concentrates his practice in personal injury and specifically nursing home abuse and neglect. Contact this attorney at [email protected]

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