Over our 27 years of helping people, Michael E. Large has helped recover over 25 Million Dollars for injured clients. Here is a small sample of some of those cases.


Client slipped on ice and fell backwards, injuring his back. Client had a prior back injury and employer was relating much of clients impairment to the prior problem. Client came to us after obtaining legal advice from another firm to settle the matter for $10,000.00. Our firm initiated a lawsuit and took a medical deposition from the pain management physician who opined that client was significantly impaired. The matter was settled before trial.


WRONGFUL DEATH/INDUSTRIAL SITE ACCIDENT-2016. Represented family (estate) of a woman who accompanied her husband to pickup a load of lumber in southern Virginia. The company who loaded the lumber accidentally hit a metal beam causing hit to fall and hit the woman on the back of the neck causing spinal cord injury which eventually led to her death. Matter was resolved during mediation for $1,250,000.00

PERSONAL INJURY/WORKERS COMPENSATION-Car Accident 2016. Represented Sullivan County man who was injured after being “t-boned” after another driver failed to yield right away. Client was a manager for business and was driving between two job sites. Shoulder injury requiring multiple shoulder surgeries. Client is back to work. Obtained personal injury settlement of  $425,000.00, which when combined with workers compensation recoveries brought global settlement to nearly $500,000.00

NURSING HOME Neglect. 2015   Lead counsel in neglect case against a local nursing home due to death from choking on food served by nursing home to resident that was on a special diet due to her inability to chew. Matter has been settled for a confidential amount.

NURSING HOME Neglect. 2014.
Lead counsel in neglect case for a WWII and Korean War veteran who developed a pressure sore while in a Life Care facility in Gray, Tennessee. Veteran was eventually moved to the James H. Quillen Veteran’s facility in Johnson City, Tennessee. We filed a motion with the court for permission to depose the veteran immediately after filing the case and ask that it be used in court due to the client’s declining health. Once the deposition was taken, case was soon mediated due to client’s outstanding credibility. Case did not settle at formal mediation but did soon thereafter for confidential amount.

NURSING HOME Neglect. 2013.
Lead counsel in a case involving a wrongful death matter which occurred due to a nursing home resident in Kingsport, Tennessee sliding out of her wheel chair and breaking her leg. The nursing home was put on notice by the family of the resident continuing to slide downward in her chair. This is a dangerous situation that warranted intervention. The problem became severe enough that the residents physician sent an order to the nursing home, directing it to insert a “wedge cushion” in the chair. This is a inexpensive solution to prevent sliding. We sent our investigator to meet with former employees who stated in affidavits that no wedge cushion was put into the chair, which was consistent with what the family stated. After suit was filed, the facility (Holston Manor) requested a mediation and case was settled for a confidential amount.

NURSING HOME Neglect. 2013.
Lead counsel in a wrongful death case filed against a Kingsport, Tennessee nursing home. Deceased victim was a retired physician who cared for patients in the community for decades. Unfortunately, he did not receive good care himself because after only hours after being admitted to the Kingsport nursing home, he was allowed to fall in the shower, causing life ending injuries. Our investigator did another great job speaking with the former employees and determining that the nursing assistants who were bathing him were not told by management that the retired, elderly physician was a high fall risk and thus did not use appropriate man power to keep him secure during his first bath. After suit was filed, the case was mediated for a confidential amount.

Virginia Counsel in representation of eleven families whose mothers were sexually molested at a nursing home in Bristol, Virginia from 2000-2007. Our firm was engaged in intensive investigation of the facility with the help of a private investigator. Eventually due to our efforts, James Wright pled guilty to four separate counts of aggravated sexual battery to four different nursing home residents. James Wright was given an 80 year jail sentence in the spring of 2010 in the Bristol, Virginia Circuit Court. All cases settled prior to a public filing of lawsuit Confidential settlements in 2009 and 2010.

Michael Large was sole counsel on a case filed in Washington County, TN against Anderson Nursing Home, in Gray, Tennessee in 2005. Nursing Home was operated and owned by Billie Anderson of Gray. Represented family of victim who was allowed to developed a Stage 4 bedsore which became infected. Resident died from sepsis. Our highly skilled nursing home investigator uncovered evidence from current nurses at the facility which showed that the staff was not following the minimal standards set by the state and federal governments. Case settled for $500,000.00 before trial.

Michael Large (2006) was sole counsel on matter where driver of vehicle was hit on the passenger side of her vehicle by a federal government vehicle. Crash broke our client’s neck, however client was not paralyzed. Effective settlement was One Million Dollars.

Co-Counsel against a Kingsport,TN nursing home. Elderly client was not able to walk on her own. One staff member was washing her in the shower. There should have been two nurses assisting. Client was dropped and she landed on tile floor breaking client’s hip. Within three months client died of complications from injury. Confidential settlement.

Sole counsel for worker who fell from tall height working at Lowe’s. Client suffered spinal cord injury which required continued use of wheel chair. Recovery included handi-capped van for transportation; new mobile home for handi-capped resident and $394.000 for life. Since worker is in his 30’s and lives to life expectancy of 74, effective settlement stands at $900,000.00 (this amount does not include payments made for medical bills).

Sole counsel on a Tennessee Workers’ Compensation matter where client was working the desk at a retail outlet. Customer grabbed client by the shirt, threatning to kill him due to his handling of a recalled product. Client developed permanent mental injury and psyschatrist was called to give a deposition on client’s behalf. Settlement for $179,480.00 (this amount does not include payments made for medical bills).

Sole counsel on a Tennessee Workers’ Compensation matter where client was working for a package delivery employer. Client fell in back of truck, hitting his head, while lifting package. The closed head injury caused personality changes which led to permanent injury. Matter settled just before trial. Total settlement was for $190,000.00. (this amount does not include payments made for medical bills).