Nursing Home Falls

Nursing home falls are very common. They commonly result in bone fractures and dislocations and often occur
during the following times:

  • When nursing home residents
    are dropped during transfers
  • When frail, physically limited,
    and sometimes cognitively challenged residents are left alone and unattended
    for prolonged periods of timeYour browser may not support display of this image.

Although not every fall amounts to nursing home neglect (some falls are unpreventable), many nursing home falls are a sign of negligence and can be avoided. An investigation by an experienced nursing home attorney should be undertaken to determine the whether the fall was the result of negligence or purely an accident.

Nursing homes are often very cautious about providing details of the fall to the resident’s loved ones. The nursing home staff can be evasive and medical records are often incomplete. Accordingly, it can be very challenging and frustrating for family members to determine exactly how the fall occurred. However, a skilled nursing home attorney knows how to address these issues. A nursing home attorney can make certain all necessary information is provided and a complete evaluation of the fall is undertaken.

We have handled many fall cases in the Tri-Cities as well as Southwest Virginia. We have represented the families of residents who died as a direct result of injuries due to falls. More importantly, falls that were preventable. Nursing Homes are charged with a duty to assess the likelihood of a resident falling. If the risk is high, then the nursing must develop a care plan on how to lower the risk of such falls. Some ways include wedge cushions in wheel chairs that lower the chance of sliding out . Bed alarms can send an audio signal to the staff that a resident is attempting to get out of bed when she should not be. However even with these types of safety devices nursing homes can be dangerous places for residents who don’t get the proper care. We recently represented a family of a resident who was supposed to have a wedge cushion in her chair, due to the fact that she had been sliding our of her wheel chair. Her doctor ordered that a wedge cushion be inserted. Our investigation revealed that the nursing home, located in a coal mining town in Southwest Virginia did not do this. The resident fell and died due to her injuries. We filed suit for the family and ultimately settled the case for a confidential amount.

In another fall case, we represented the family of a resident who was dropped from a hoyer lift when a sling broke. The sling, made from a weave fabric was compromised when bleach was used to wash it over the course of many months. We found a copy of the care manual that was attached to the hoyer lift warning users not to use bleached. After we took depositions of the laundry staff about their improper washing practices, this Bristol Tennessee facility settled for a confidential amount.

Our nursing home attorneys, we pay close attention to all details surrounding your loved one’s fall. Where, when, why, and how the nursing home fall occurred are all questions that deserve complete answers. The Nursing Home Attorneys know where to look and with whom to speak when investigating resident falls. You will get the answers you deserve.

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