January 2015 Investigating New Nursing Home Case against Holston Manor…

As of the time of this post, we have been are continuing to investigate Holston Manor of Kingsport, Tennessee at the request of the family of what seems to be another pointless death. The decedent in this case was a resident who had problems chewing due to no teeth and emotional and mental complications. It was ordered that she only be served a “mechanical diet” due to her swallowing problems and thus her risk of choking (a mechanical diet basically cuts the food into very small pieces which reduces the residents need to chew as much). She was also supposed to be always fed by staff. In any event, its seems through our investigation and interview of former employees that the resident was served a chicken breast Holston Manor in violation of her strict diet and y the facility may have left the chicken with the resident with no supervision. Sadly, the resident choked to death. We have interviewed the EMS attendants and have evidence that a large piece of chicken was removed from her throat while she was dying or minutes after her death.
We are presently getting ready to take depositions in this matter of current and former employees. More to come soon…

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Michael Large is an attorney with offices in Bristol, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. Michael has been practicing law for twenty five years and concentrates his practice in personal injury and specifically nursing home abuse and neglect. Contact this attorney at [email protected]