Greystone Healthcare Center (nursing home) Blountivlle, TN

We recently filed a wrongful death action against Greystone Healthcare Center nursing home, located in Blountville, Tennessee. The decedent was admitted to this facility due to its purportedly having an advanced care team for respiratory illness. The mother of client was admitted with a trachea tube in her throat, with a compromised mental status. Before being admitted to Greystone, the resident had accidentally pulled out the trachea at a hospital. The hospital, doing the right thing installed mittens on the resident to stop the accidental removal. When admitted to Greystone Healthcare Center, the daughter warned Greystone Healthcare of the potential of this happening but the facility REFUSED to cover the residents hands. Only a few days after admission to Greystone, the resident was found dead from no being about to breath due to accidental removal.

Our investigation team has spoken with former respiratory therapists who was employed by the facility when the death took place. Signe affidavits from them reveal grave concerns about staffing and general competence. We will keep you posted on the development of this matter.


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